How to Maximize the Budget for Your Dream House

Archian Design Architect Studio Bacolod City

Do you already have an idea how much building your home in the Philippines will cost? Before you peg an amount, think it over again because your residential construction project may actually cost lesser than expected. Here are some tips to help you cut costs without compromising the comfort and beauty of your future home:

1. Estimate Early
Before you get too far ahead in the planning process, make some early estimates that will help you make important building decisions. Estimating the building costs will allow you to modify your plans to suit your budget.

2. Beware of Cheap Building Lots
The cheapest lot might not be the most affordable. Your costs will increase if your construction team needs to blast through rocks, clear away trees or provide extensive drainage. Also, don’t forget to include the cost of installing public utilities. Oftentimes, the most economical building lots are those in developments with access to electricity and water.

3. Keep Your Design Simple 
When you have your architect design your future home, choose simple shapes because
triangles, trapezoids and other complex forms are difficult and expensive to build. Square or rectangular floor plans will help you save costs. Avoid cathedral ceilings and complicated roofing.

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4. Build Small
If you compare costs per square foot, building a big house may seem like a bargain. After all, even the smallest house still needs plumbing. But the bottom line is, smaller houses are still more affordable to build and more economical to maintain.

5. Build Tall 
The most affordable houses are compact. Instead of building a sprawling single story house, it’s a good idea to build one with two or three stories. A taller house has the same amount of living space, but the roof and foundation will be smaller and the plumbing and ventilation will also be less expensive in multi-story homes.

6. Know How Much Space You’re Paying for
Before choosing a plan for your new home, find out how much of the total area is actual living space and how much are just “empty” spaces like the garage, attics and wall insulation.

7. Put Quality Over Flashy
Invest your hard-earned money in quality construction materials that will bear the test of time. Don’t be a scrooge when it comes to features that can’t be easily changed. Forget about the fancy doorknobs, faucets and light fixtures: you can always upgrade them later.
When it comes to storage, solid wood cabinets are elegant, but you can achieve that “designer look” on your kitchen and bathrooms without blowing your budget. Open shelves and stainless steel cabinets with frosted glass doors are good options.

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