Archian Designs Architect Studio – Advocacy

Archian Design Architect Studio Bacolod City

ARCHIAN DESIGNS ARCHITECT STUDIOS advocates 4 campaigns in Architecture:
1. Functional Spaces
2. Tropical Asian Style
3. Innovation/ Technology
4. Green Buildings

Functional Design

A Functional Design creates spaces that are useful for the Building in contrast to purely idealist or aesthetic Design. ADAS has determined that Functionalism brings the balance between idealist Architecture with Realist Philosophy.

Tropical Asian Style

            ADAS core conviction is in the sincere authentic search for Asian Architecture

Innovation/ Technology

            At the end of industrialization, the break of Modern Architecture has shown the importance of Invention through the elevator, air conditioning, Insulation and 3D CAD materials. Technology has since been the driving factor for Architecture.

Green Buildings

The movement towards a Greener Architecture takes effort. ADAS believes that through Green Building methods and technologies, it can help the world become a better place, one building at a time.

For further information, email us through or call to (034)433 3476

ARCHIAN DESIGNS ARCHITECT STUDIOS believes that Architecture is an endless search for perfection of artistic and harmonious arrangement of man and space, with considerations with the built environment, nature, cost and the latest trend value and technology will always be considered, now and beyond.

About Archian
An Architect, Blogger and Strategic Thinker

2 Responses to Archian Designs Architect Studio – Advocacy

  1. Rolando says:

    Hello Sir,

    in terms of building materials, readily available na sa Bacolod ang mga modern materials?

    • Archian says:

      Modern Design is about Innovative USE of Materials and not about the materials themselves. You could and should use local materials – its cheaper and practical and be open minded to use them in creatvie ways. That’s the brilliance of an Architect – find common materials and use it in extraordinary Designs.

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