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Archian Design Architect Studio Bacolod City

At Archian Designs Architect Studio we take pride in our professional image and host a staff that is dedicated to making our designs a reality. We are engaged in all parts of the creation process, from engineering the technical design of buildings to construction management. Archian Designs Architect Studio coordinates the planning and execution, with expert attention to all activities.

In our Architectural studio, a skilled team of professionals has taken part in the realization of buildings of various nature for decades. Our team consists of multi-disciplinary professionals and technicians in the fields of architecture, design, landscaping, building and civil engineering. Our team is highly committed to offering our customers the best solutions for their projects including excellent service, quality in design, and development of architecture and urban planning projects.

Our primary goal is to have satisfied customers at project closure. We are open to many services, such as providing an architectural study or consultation. We provide professional service of all aspects in the architectural process: contracts, necessary permits, construction supervision, house inspection, etc.

To see other Services from our Company, List of Services, or know more about these services, or more information, email us through or call to (034)433 3476.

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3 Responses to Archian Designs Architect Studios

  1. Annie Sze says:

    I just bought a lot and I wanted to build a Eco friendly and self-sustaining building (with solar panels, zero waste water management etc.). I also would like natural light. The ground floor will be a reception area with lounge, there will be a floor for a preschool and another floor for a special school. The rest I’m planning to use as apartments. 1 floor would include an indoor swimming pool and gym. 1 floor will be library along with meditation area. 1 floor will be vacant for events. 1 floor for indoor greenhouse. But 2-3 floors reserved for my family. Last floor will be like a big laundry area. And the lot is in Binondo area and my main requirement is that the place is easy to clean and maintain.

  2. lala says:

    im from iloilo and a fressh graduate from bs architecture, i wonder if you’re office accept apprentice…

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