ADAS Architecture Design Services

Archian Design Architect Studio Bacolod City


At Archian Designs Architect Studio we take pride in our professional image and host a staff that is dedicated to making our designs a reality. We are engaged in all parts of the design creation process, from conceptualizing the architecture design of buildings and spaces to construction management.

ADAS Architecture Design Services.
These services are the Regular Services of the Architect, including Schematic, Design Development, Contract/Bidding, and Construction.

  1. Residences and Commercial Buildings-Plan, Design & Construction
  2. Churches, Schools, Government, and Institutions-Plan, Design & Construction
  3. Medical, Technology and Industrial Buildings
  4. Call Center, Business Process Outsourcing Structures (BPO)
  5. Building Renovation, Addition
  6. Building Permit and Construction Documents
  7. Construction Services (as part of Architecture Design)
  8. Massing Studies
ADAS Specialized Architecture Services
These services are Additional Services offered by the Company as a Consultant or as an add-on to existing Architecture Design Services.

  1. Scale Model Making
  2. 3D Renderings
  3. Walk-Through/Fly-Through Videos
  4. Conceptual Visualization
  5. Brochure or Board Presentations
  6. Design Conceptualization

If you would like to see other Services from our Company, List of Services, or know more about these services, email us through or call to (034)433 3476.

ARCHIAN DESIGNS ARCHITECT STUDIOS believes that Architecture is an endless search for perfection of artistic and harmonious arrangement of man and space, with considerations with the built environment, nature, cost and the latest trend value and technology will always be considered, now and beyond.

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An Architect, Blogger and Strategic Thinker

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