Lubrico Commercial-Residential Compound

Archian Design Architect Studio Bacolod City

Lubrico Cluster Commercial Residential Compound
Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Here is the Proposal for the Development in Homesite for the Lubrico Commercial Residential Development.

The Concept is a 2-Entrance for Residences on opposite sides of the Lot. Then The Frontage will have rentable commercial Shops which can be rented by Commercial Establishments or can have an Internet Shope fitted in.

12-06 Lubrico Aerial Perspective

12-06 Lubrico Aerial Perspective

The Perspective Shows the Shop in the Front and the Two Houses in the Back with a Firewall seperating the two.

Lubrico Multi Family & Comml Clusters - Bacolod

Lubrico Multi Family & Comml Clusters – Bacolod

The Lot is divided into 3 clusters – the Shop, The 2 Bedroom House and the 4 Bedroom House. Space is provided to extend the Shops because the smaller area we utilize for the first phase, the more secure we are compared to putting all the money on non-money-generating residential development. The Green spaces are courtyards or undevelopped spaces.

Below is a Simple Computation for the Commercial and Financial Costs.

 Area  Cost/ sq.m.  Total Cost Cost by Cluster  Earnings / Year  Interest / Year (6%)
2 Bedroom House         50.00         10,000      500,000.00
Walk Entry         14.00           3,000        42,000.00
      542,000.00 0            32,520.00
3 Bedroom House         74.00         10,000      740,000.00
Commercial Residential Corridor         34.50           5,000      172,500.00
      826,250.00 0            49,575.00
Rentable Shops (2 Units)         36.50         10,000      365,000.00
Toilet (Common)            12.50         15,000      187,500.00 (3,000 / Shop
Parking (3 Car)            39.00           2,000        78,000.00 x3 Shops)
      716,750.00           108,000.00            43,005.00
Grand Total         260.50           2,000   2,085,000.00        108,000.00       125,100.00

Costs can be reduced by using Concrete Tiles and Grass for the living and dining areas. The Garage will not be concrete but pebbles. The Costs above does not include Demolition and Land Levelling for the Parking which may add to the costs. The Computation for Shop Rentals are dependent on the Area. For now the Shops are still farther away to the Market at the end of the Street. Only P3,000/Shop/Month is used for the Computation.

Lubrico Multi Family & Comml - Spaces

Lubrico Multi Family & Comml – Spaces

Room sizes can be seen from the Scheme Below. The Roof is Designed to increase ventilation because the Sides of each cluster is bounded by the other cluster.

Lubrico Multi Family & Comml Rooms

Lubrico Multi Family & Comml Rooms

Lubrico Multi Family Residentials - Bacolod

Lubrico Multi Family Residentials – Bacolod

And a closer view of the Bedrooms of the 2 Residential Houses from the Rear.

Lubrico Entry Perspective to House Bacolod

Lubrico Entry Perspective to House Bacolod

Here is a Perspective from the Front Street.

Lubrico Front Perspective -House Bacolod

Lubrico Front Perspective -House Bacolod

This view is towards the street intersection.  I want to implement a new cheap technology called the Green Wall. To save budget, some walls are created with Hardiflex Panels and GI or Plastic grids for Plants to grow in between. The front shop’s wall is actually a Window covered with a Grid where vines and plants can grow. The People inside will be able to see the jeepneys passing by depending on the thickness of the plans.

Lubrico Side Entry - Bacolod City

Lubrico Side Entry – Bacolod City

This view shows the Entry to the 2 Bedroom Residence.

About the Green Walls, we have added some lighting and landscape for this front shop, and I am hoping, this will attract a better price for the 15 sq.m.(3x5m) Shops. It’s going to be great for a Coffee Shop! The final Shop inside can be the computer rental.

The Bedrooms are sized at 2.9×3.7 which are Good for 2 Beds and some moving space. We can reduce this a little more to reduce Total Floor Area by 5%. This would be large for a P2,000,000 Project with a small shop- earning capacity. The shops could be extended with another 4 Shops for more earning but to limit loans to the minimum, 3 Shops are constructed for the meantime.

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