Architect Ian Jay Bantilan


Archian Design Architect Studio Bacolod City

Bacolod Architect Ian Jay Bantilan with Arch Levi & Gazil

Bacolod Architect Ian Jay Bantilan with Arch Levi & Gazil

Architect Ian Jay Bantilan


Architect Biography

Architect Ian Jay Bantilan was born in Bacolod City in 1979 to Accountant and Lawyer Jerry Bantilan and Banker Lourdes Bantilan.

He took up Architecture in the Philippines’ premiere Architecture School, the University of Santo Tomas and graduated Bachelor of Science in Architecture in 2001. He completed his apprentice with Architects Edgar Reformado of RARA and Jose Siao Ling of JSLA.

Architect Ian Jay Bantilan passed the Architecture Board Exam on one take in 2003 along with 396 examinees from different schools.

The Architect also worked with Jesus Miguel Benedicto in 2004, where he was gained a Passion for Interior Design. It was here where he was opened to the world of Tropical Asian Architecture.

He came to Bacolod to help out with Architect Innocencio Manuel for Construction Projects but soon found an oppurtunity to go to the United Arab Emirates in the City of Dubai. It wastherethat he learned the importance of functionality in Design. He also was thrown into the Modern Technologies in Architecture such as the Green Building Philosophy in Design and how it can affect power consumption and insulation.

Architect Ian Jay Bantilan of Bacolod Negros Philippines

Bacolod Architect Ian Jay Bantilan

He worked with American Egyptian Architect Shams Eldien Naga in 2007 to learn about Modern Architecture and digital methods in Design. Dr. Naga, a Ph.D in Architecture also taught in the U.S. before starting a practice in the Emirates. Architect Ian’s experience in the AIA and RIBA Certified Company has allowed him a deeper and richer appreciation for Modern Architecture.

He was also introduced to different International Architects through the Symposiums in various Universities. Some of them were Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron and Rem Koolhas.

Architect Ian Jay in Abu Dhabi Mall

Architect Ian Jay of Bacolod in Abu Dhabi Mall

In 2010 he went to his hometown in Bacolod to execute his latest work, the Quatro Patria Residences where he succeeds in creating an iconic residential design that has greatly influenced Architecture in the City. He also works as a Faculty in La Consolacion College, School of Architecture and Fine Arts and Design. (LCC-SARFAID).

Architect Ian Jay Bantilan in Iloilo Business Park

Architect Ian Jay Bantilan in Marriott Hotel Iloilo


Architect Ian Jay Bantilan in Iloilo Business Park

Architect Ian Jay Bantilan in Iloilo Business Park

Marriott Hotel Iloilo

Working in General Contracting, he was involved in the construction of Marriott Courtyard Hotel in Iloilo.

For further information, email us through or call to (034)433 3476.

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