Mansion Residence – Bago City, Negros Occidental

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Project: Mansion Residence
Location: Bago City, Negros Occidental
Architect: Arch Ian Jay Bantilan
Status: Design

The Client has owns 3 lots in Bago City, Negros Occidental. He commissioned Arch. Ian Jay Bantilan to Design a large house for him, his wife and his family. He wanted to have an open space and swimming pool for his friends

Mansion Residence - Interior Swimming Pool - Bago City

Mansion Residence – Interior Swimming Pool – Bago City

Mansion Residence - Bago City Negros Occidental

Mansion Residence – Bago City Negros Occidental


This is the 3rd Scheme starting with a simple massing layout. Architects, if reasonably experienced in contrasting and studying spaces, will have the ability to compose a beautiful house. The Architecture practice is very broad. One can specialize in Architecture Design, Interior Architecture, Cost Estimates and Construction. In our practice in the Philippines, most clients do not make distinctions between these specialized fields and assume all architects are the same. If a client desires good design, he should look for an Architect with a background in architecture design.

Mansion Residence - Bago City Negros Occidental Aerial

Mansion Residence – Bago City Negros Occidental Aerial


Most people take for granted the role of architects. It is easy to take the shortcuts for a cheaper price, yet the long term benefits of peace and joy of beauty is priceless. Anyone looking at investing their hard earned money is wise to work with professionals. There is an assumption that architects do their drawings luxuriously. It couldn’t be closer to the truth. We take the time to consider with the pen and all available technology to use the carpenter’s rule “measure twice cut once”. We do the thinking because when the construction starts and specific decisions are not made or considered, it translates to gigantic expenses.

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