Belle Arte, Modern Art Deco Apartments in Bacolod City

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Project: Belle Arte Apartments
Location: Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Architect: Arch Ian Jay Bantilan
Status: Design Development

The Central – Eastern District of Old Bacolod City is home to historical Art Deco houses recognized by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. While the styles, like Art Deco Style Architecture is rare, the execution of a design in this style must be the product of research and yet updated with modern trends, market demand and technology.

Arch. Ian Jay Bantilan was commissioned to continue the legacy of Balay Daku, an Art House in the 1960s to create luxury apartments to complement the older historical art deco house of the Villanuevas.

Site Development Plan - Villanueva Belle Arte Apartments - Bacolod City

Site Development Plan – Belle Arte, Modern Art Deco Apartments – Bacolod City

Villanueva Belle Arte Apartments - Bacolod City - Night View

Belle Arte, Modern Art Deco Apartments – Bacolod City – Night View


Belle Arté is envisioned to be a mixed use residential-commercial building set in Galo Street of Old Bacolod. The Building will be crafted in the Art Deco Style, the style articulated in ‘Daku Balay’. Belle Arté exemplifies the aspirations and ideals of Art Deco. It should demonstrate a flexible foundation which other structures could be built on.

The structure is the pioneer for future similar residential and commercial projects in the neighborhood.



There are a few points that the Designer, Architect Ian Jay Bantilan, specifically utilized for the creation of the project.

1. Art Deco Expression

2. Function

3. Historical Integration

For the full presentation of this project, please request for a meeting through Archian Designs Architect Studios


Villanueva Belle Arte Apartments - Bacolod City - Perspective

Belle Arte, Modern Art Deco Apartments – Bacolod City – Perspective


Belle Arté is proposed to be the forerunner of the revival of Art Deco in Bacolod City. It is envisioned to be the precursor to the Development of the Art Deco District in the City. Belle Arté will set the stage for future residences and condominiums.

Villanueva Belle Arte Apartments - Bacolod City - Aerial Perspective

Belle Arte, Modern Art Deco Apartments – Bacolod City – Aerial Perspective

The Development

Belle Arté is composed of two masses. The first structure is a 6-storey apartment building with 4 rentable concessions on the Ground Floor. The Second Floor is a 3-storey apartment building with 3 shop at the Ground Floor.

The Buildings are connected by a void, the Heart of Belle Arté. This space is a platform for concerts, plays and recitals with the ‘ Daku Balay’ seen in the backdrop. On both Galo Street and G.V. Street are lines of parking with double parking along Galo Street. G.V. Street provides a car entrance for extra parking inside the lot for residents guided by security.

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Belle Arté offers a new way of living in Bacolod, offering an worthy alternative to Modern, Asian and Mediterranean Concepts that are all over the Philippines. The Style of Art Deco revives the Age before World War II where life was prosperous and time moved slowly, where society structure brought peace to cities. This age reminds us of the ethic of hard work as the Americans laid the ground work of government and surveyed all the land in the Philippines in one generation.


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