How an Architect can Protect you from Loss on a Building Construction

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Why an Architect’s role is Crucial to any Building Construction

Until today, very many people are confused about engineers and architects. They understand in general about engineers but, for most part, the profession of Architects sounds like sorcery or magic. When people build their apartment, they want their property to have the best investment value. (Other than emotional significance) This is measured by its ability to generate income and have maximum resale potential. At the other end of the builder’s concern is what is the best way to cut on construction cost?

Architect- Magician or Sorcerer

Architect- Magician or Sorcerer?

Architects: Sorcery or Magic?

In a world of increasing complexity, architects in the past are tasked around aesthetics – beautifying the simple structures, adding color and light to interiors and adding details such as railings and moldings. But as buildings become more complex, the role of architects become more and more important. They are visionaries that don’t just build what is possible (engineers) but they visualize what could be.

1. Save money and lives.
Through training, architects are trained to anticipate possible conflict on the plan. A house with a simple use need less analysis between bedrooms and living room. As more functions are intertwined at an apartment or high school building, it is valuable to see logically and analytically which function should be beside each other. Imagine the wrong position of a Clinic very far from the sports area – it could for years save lives.

2. Building Efficiency and Solutions
In the past, there was a simplistic solution to every problem. It is all written in the book. But as humans are complicated in nature, it takes more than formulas to finally solve a social problem. Not all problems are solved the same method. Today, visual professionals such as designers add creativity and psychology to the equation. Architects are trained to use the right tools. Great architects have the skillset to think out of the box to resolve a problems.

Integrate Modern Minimalist Apartment Philippines

Integrate Modern Minimalist Apartment Philippines

Chopsuey Mixed Design

Nice Design but conflicting masses and levels

3. Integrated design vs. Chopsuey.
Chopsuey is a Chinese cuisine with different vegetables tossed to together in a dish. In the same way, through lack of proficiency, many owners throw in a lot of many “good” things to create a huge monstrouse dish of a building. In their desire to put in what they like, they freely chose what does not work as a whole. I remember in my water color class that all the colors look good, but it takes restraint to combine them together that the final work feels balanced.

4. Professional / Technical Advice.
Many property owners get too attached to their building or the money involved in the construction. This sentimentality deprives them to think clearly in decision making. An architect can advise you and propose for the best solution to make the most of your property.

5. Do-it-yourself doesn’t Sell.
Looking at successful real estate developers, it is clear to see that they work with a team of specialists: Architects, Contractors, Real Estate Agents, Accountants.

Each of this professionals excel in their own field. Many potential buyers have viewed properties where a badly done renovation has turned a potential buyer away because of shabby design or planning. One’s taste or preference should not be the only factor in decisions when faced with a discriminating market. In creating a total building solution for the market, it is crucial to work with an architect.

6. Project Management Stress.
The role of owner and contractor is not for the faint-hearted. It takes skill and expertise. The construction process can be stressful, especially if you do not know what you are doing. Having the process carefully planned will help notify you when something is wrong. Asking the correct questions will make all the difference. Having an architect on board gives you the insight on managing your construction.

7. Financial Security
“The contractor ran off with our money” is a common phenomenon. Understanding the role of the architect can secure you from this experience. In an agreement, the architect can be tasked to provide the design and advise the client as a balance with the contractor. In the traditional role, the architect is distinct from the contractor, employed to review the quality and timeliness of the contractors work. The architect validates work progress and completion by the contractor. This structure may (it can also work) not work if the architect is both designer (whose role is to provide high quality design) and contractor (whose role is to find the best profit maintaining an agreed quality).

8. Legal
Only Registered and Licensed Architects (RLAs) are allowed to practice architecture in the Philippines. Architects are regulated by government to provide the service of design, planning and construction of buildings in the Philippines.

Why do we need architects?

Because great cities do not grow by CHANCE.

They are planned.

Green City Planning

Green City Planning

Great buildings do not become beautiful by accident. They are designed. Ask the great cities of the world why their real estate is hundreds more valuable than your city. It is because architects and planners INCREASED their value a few Centuries ago. Their local governments nurtured them and invested in them for years.

Because of this role, architects are required to pass one of the toughest Licensure Examinations in the Philippines and granted to sign and seal architectural documents.

Green City Planning - Urban Design

Green City Planning – Urban Design

9. Building Requirements and Restrictions
Architects are equipped by training to follow regulations and restrictions on property depending on zoning restrictions, occupancy or building types, fire code restrictions and structural testing requirements. This include building setbacks, overlooking features, floor area calculations, heritage concerns that may often be complicated and time consuming.

Architects are trained to perceive the greater opportunities presented by a situation. This leads to more informed decisions and in the end a more coherent whole.

Low Rise Mid Rise Height Restrictions of Buildings

Low Rise Mid Rise Height Restrictions of Buildings

Having an architect draw up a master plan will assist you in planning the process step by step and prevent you from incurring unnecessary costs at a later stage.

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