The Fantasy to Build the Pretty but Cheap House in the Philippines

Archian Design Architect Studio Iloilo - Cebu City

The Fantasy of the Pretty & Cheap House in the Philippines

Goethe once said, ‘Be careful what you ask for, because sometimes you may actually get what you ask.”

Bahay Kubo kahit munti - ang halaman doon ay sari sari

The Cheapest and Prettiest House in the World!

Many people living in the Philippines dream of building the prettiest house with the least or no cost. It’s the Filipino’s dream.

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How an Architect can Protect you from Loss on a Building Construction

Archian Design Architect Studio Iloilo City

Why an Architect’s role is Crucial to any Building Construction

Until today, very many people are confused about engineers and architects. They understand in general about engineers but, for most part, the profession of Architects sounds like sorcery or magic. When people build their apartment, they want their property to have the best investment value. (Other than emotional significance) This is measured by its ability to generate income and have maximum resale potential. At the other end of the builder’s concern is what is the best way to cut on construction cost?

Architect- Magician or Sorcerer

Architect- Magician or Sorcerer?

Architects: Sorcery or Magic?

In a world of increasing complexity, architects in the past are tasked around aesthetics – beautifying the simple structures, adding color and light to interiors and adding details such as railings and moldings. But as buildings become more complex, the role of architects become more and more important. They are visionaries that don’t just build what is possible (engineers) but they visualize what could be.

1. Save money and lives.
Through training, architects are trained to anticipate possible conflict on the plan. A house with a simple use need less analysis between bedrooms and living room. As more functions are intertwined at an apartment or high school building, it is valuable to see logically and analytically which function should be beside each other. Imagine the wrong position of a Clinic very far from the sports area – it could for years save lives. Read more of this post

Archian Designs Architect Studio – Advocacy

Archian Design Architect Studio Bacolod City

ARCHIAN DESIGNS ARCHITECT STUDIOS advocates 4 campaigns in Architecture:
1. Functional Spaces
2. Tropical Asian Style
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Possibilites for Filipino Architecture

Archian Design Architect Studio Iloilo - Cebu City
Possibilites for Filipino Architecture

There has been such arguments whether Filipino Architecture exists or not. Countless are the skeptics who thoroughly examine the identity of such architectural localization. For most people who don’t realize the features of Philippine Architecture, it can be easily determined by just looking in the country side. What type of house do Filipinos live in? What house resembles Filipinos? Exactly, the ‘bahay-kubo’ or the nipa hut is the main defining house that distinguishes the Philippines.

Intramuros - Filipino Spanish Architecture

Intramuros – Filipino Spanish Architecture

But critics have given such look on this matter because nipa huts are qualities of typical tropical architecture design. Read more of this post