Preparation for Curtain Walls on Commercial Buildings

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Curtain Glass Modern Design

Curtain Glass Modern Design

What are Curtain Walls/ Glass Facade?

Curtain Walls are architecture elements of standard panels that cover the exterior of the building. It comes from the idea fusion of a whole “wall” made of glass instead of windows penetrating into the walls. Any modern commercial building will not be able to escape the curtain wall glass or architecture glass facade into its design if it wants to be relevant as a building.

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How an Architect can Protect you from Loss on a Building Construction

Archian Design Architect Studio Iloilo City

Why an Architect’s role is Crucial to any Building Construction

Until today, very many people are confused about engineers and architects. They understand in general about engineers but, for most part, the profession of Architects sounds like sorcery or magic. When people build their apartment, they want their property to have the best investment value. (Other than emotional significance) This is measured by its ability to generate income and have maximum resale potential. At the other end of the builder’s concern is what is the best way to cut on construction cost?

Architect- Magician or Sorcerer

Architect- Magician or Sorcerer?

Architects: Sorcery or Magic?

In a world of increasing complexity, architects in the past are tasked around aesthetics – beautifying the simple structures, adding color and light to interiors and adding details such as railings and moldings. But as buildings become more complex, the role of architects become more and more important. They are visionaries that don’t just build what is possible (engineers) but they visualize what could be.

1. Save money and lives.
Through training, architects are trained to anticipate possible conflict on the plan. A house with a simple use need less analysis between bedrooms and living room. As more functions are intertwined at an apartment or high school building, it is valuable to see logically and analytically which function should be beside each other. Imagine the wrong position of a Clinic very far from the sports area – it could for years save lives. Read more of this post

K+12 Pavia International High School

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Archian Designs Architect Studio Projects

Project: K+12 Pavia International School 
Location: Pavia, Iloilo City
Architect: Arch Ian Jay Bantilan
Status: Design Proposal



With the Philippines as the only country not implementing the K-12 Curriculum for its high schools, many high schools are upgrading their curriculum to match the requirements of Department of Education.

The Department of Education implemented the K-12 System, which will executed in 4 phases starting in s.y. 2011-2012. There are four “phases” are:

Phase 1: Laying the Foundations. Its goal is to finally implement the universal kindergarten.

Phase 2: Modeling and Migration. Its goal is to start of the implementation of the new curriculum for Grades 1 to 4 and 7 to 10.
Phase 3: Complete Migration. Its goal is to implement the Grades 11 & 12 / senior high school.
Phase 4: Completion of the Reform.

While many high schools are converting their open spaces into workshop areas while others are reducing their intake of students to make room for the additional 2 year of high school education.

K+12 Pavia International High School

K+12 Pavia International High School, Iloilo City Facade and Main Building

K+12 Pavia International High School, Iloilo City Facade and Main Building

Pavia International High School was designed with modern facilities anticipating the changes in education. its facilities already designed with K+12 in mind. The client’s vision is to fuse together digital and physical learning. While most students are reliant on wikipedia and research sites to learn, books are still indispensable to learning.

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