Global Green Filipino Architecture Workshop 2012 (Bakod Bubong Balat)

Archian Design Architect Studio Bacolod City

Special Attendance – Global Green Filipino Architecture

Arch Ian Jay Bantilan is holding a workshop for Design Students and Other Professionals interested in his Architecture Entry – Bakod Bubong Balat.

Bakod Bubong Balat unanimously won the Metrobank Architecture Competition(MADE) 2012 (From the Judges perspective). Unfortunately, Metrobank is strict in implementing its rules of “the entrant asking no help from anybody in any way” policy which displeased the judges but required them to disqualify my entry for seeking help from my students during the preparation of the Design.

Global Green Filipino Architecture will be held in LCC Little Theater on 3rd Week of November (Date to be announced, just fill in to keep you in the loop)

In case you can not attend Global Green Filipino Architecture Workshop (GGFA) and are interested in the presentation, we will try to accomodate you.

[field label=’Location(Select the Nearest City)’ type=’select’ options=’Metro Manila,From the US,Metro Cebu,Metro Davao,Metro Iloilo,Somewhere in Philippines,Somewhere in Asia,Other Locations’/]

Please allow for time to process your requests. Your Scheduled dates should be 3-4 weeks before actual Presentation. In case of presentations beyond Western Visayas, the requesting persons should shoulder the travel expenses and compensate for the time and effort of the Speaker.

Find an Architect in Bacolod

Please print this pass and present to the guard in LCC and to the registration table on the Global, Green, Filipino Architecture Workshop (This coupon is for attendees of “Dark tTained White” Art Exhibit who are non-architects and non-architecture students.

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