Silent Heroes: The Role of Architects in Society

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Silent Heroes: The Role of Architects in Society

“Architects have always played an important role in the History of Civilization.”

Ancient Architecture of Egypt

Ancient Architecture of Egypt

 They have helped reshape cities and localities,

and in doing so,

have been instrumental in the evolution of a people’s culture.

Public Architecture - Concert

Public Architecture – Concert

We have been at the forefront in the development of a society, albeit unbeknownst.

Thus, not many people realize the importance of an Architect.

Role of Architects 1

Role of Architects 1

We are more than designing one’s residence.

We take part in building the nation.

We take part in building the future.

Architects - Beautiful Spaces

Architects – Beautiful Spaces

The Architect’s role has always been downplayed.

Some put minimal value in what we do.

But ours is a call to serve,

to lead,

to build.

Whether other people realize the importance of our profession, it is clear that our service have a great impact in a thousand other people who will unknowingly live inside, around our masterpieces. This is what we are, what we do, and how we impact the world around us.

Role of Architect Designers

Role of Architect Designers

Architects are Guardians of the Environment.

Architects are City Changers.

Architects are Partners in Nation Building.

Architecture Web Links

Archian Design Architect Studio Bacolod City

Arbitatt: Pictures and slideshows of architecturally interesting buildings from around the world, features on current projects (submissions accepted) and biographies of famous architects.

Archibot: Architecture portal. Includes select list of online resources, forum and news headlines from around the net.

Archihub: A forum for architects and designers to share their knowledge and discuss architecture.

Archinform: International architectural database listing thousands of built and unbuilt projects. 20th-century architecture is the main theme.

Archiseek: Architecture forums, planning news, architectural competition announcements, and guides to the architecture of selected countries and cities. Read more of this post

The Quest for Filipino Architecture

Archian Design Architect Studio Bacolod City

Repost From Philippine Daily Inquirer

Due to the Filipinos’ love for Country and Nationalism, there is an enduring issue that keeps coming up in the mind of the young Filipino Architect: the Question of having a Filipino Architectural Identity. Oftentimes, the simplest questions are the most difficult to answer.

I submit that we lack a strong architectural identity. This may be due to the numerous events that influenced our country. There are Moorish influences in Mindanao, Spanish influences in the Visayas and Luzon, and Modern American influences in Read more of this post