Architecture Philosophy: Power Steering for Architecture

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Architecture Philosophy: Power Steering for Architecture

(Artists and Designers Secrets for Inspiration)

Architecture Philosophy, Philippines

Architecture Philosophy, Philippines

After the successful workshop in 2012, “Designing Architecture – Global, Green and Filipino”, Architect Ian Jay Bantilan of Bacolod City is presenting a Workshop that will enable designers to find the inspiration to finally bring the Project home. The Artists or the Architect’s philosophy acts as a frame that strengthens his work so that it stands out among the myriad art and messages that fight for dominance in our minds today.

As artists, we naturally immerse ourselves in shallow water and miss out the depth of meaning that our world holds. This Workshop is not just for architects, it can be useful to artists, interior designers to draw inspiration from.

If you are interested feel free to contact the United Architects of the Philippines – Student Auxilliary (La Consolacion College) 19122408616 or 433-3476. The Workshop will be held in La Consolacion College – Bacolod City on September 19, 2013. If you are an outsider wanting to participate in this event, please be sure to let us know before the time.

Filipino Global Green Architecture Poster

2012: Filipino Global Green Architecture Poster

The Lecture, entitled 

Silent Heroes: The Role of Architects in Society

Archian Design Architect Studio Bacolod City

Silent Heroes: The Role of Architects in Society

“Architects have always played an important role in the History of Civilization.”

Ancient Architecture of Egypt

Ancient Architecture of Egypt

 They have helped reshape cities and localities,

and in doing so,

have been instrumental in the evolution of a people’s culture.

Public Architecture - Concert

Public Architecture – Concert

We have been at the forefront in the development of a society, albeit unbeknownst.

Thus, not many people realize the importance of an Architect.

Role of Architects 1

Role of Architects 1

We are more than designing one’s residence.

We take part in building the nation.

We take part in building the future.

Architects - Beautiful Spaces

Architects – Beautiful Spaces

The Architect’s role has always been downplayed.

Some put minimal value in what we do.

But ours is a call to serve,

to lead,

to build.

Whether other people realize the importance of our profession, it is clear that our service have a great impact in a thousand other people who will unknowingly live inside, around our masterpieces. This is what we are, what we do, and how we impact the world around us.

Role of Architect Designers

Role of Architect Designers

Architects are Guardians of the Environment.

Architects are City Changers.

Architects are Partners in Nation Building.

Benchmarking Philippine Architecture

Archian Design Architect Studio Bacolod City

Benchmarking Philippine Architecture
By Paulo G. Alcazaren

Vernacular Filipino Architecture

Vernacular Filipino Architecture

The PIEP held their respective annual national conventions with the requisite seminars and talks. The subjects of these talks have shifted noticeably in the last two years from practical issues of competitive global practice and building technology to “softer,” more academic topics of history and concerns for architectural conservation. The UAP, which celebrated its silver jubilee this year, hosted talks that emphasized planning issues. The topics: “Proposed Land Use Plan and Zoning Ordinance in the City of Makati” by Prof.Geronimo Manahan, “Moral Values in Environmental Planning” by Sixto E. Tolentino, and “TheQuezon City Land Use and Zoning” by architect Gerry Magat. The rest of the talks featuredacademic discussions of conservation and history: “Architectural Preservation of Historical Philippine Churches” by Fr. Pedro G. Galende, OSA, and “Arkitekturang Filipino: Spaces and Places in History” by Felipe de Leon Jr., Regalado T. Jose, and Augusto Villalon. The UAP, which has a new national president in architect Prosperidad C. Luis, has also co-organized a traveling exhibition with the NCCA’s Committee on Architecture and Monuments and Sites. “Arkitekturang Filipino: Spaces and Places in History” was curated by two UP-based architects, Edson Cabalfin and Gerard Lico. Lico and Cabalfin shaped the exhibit to bring out the heterotopic quality of our architecture. They framed it as a process developed “out of contradiction, mediation, and transformation.” The exhibit’s visuals accentuated the physical and spatial texture of Filipino architecture, but the curators also endeavored to make manifest Filipino architecture’s cultural expression as politics, ideology, and power. That these two architects of the younger generation have pursued scholarship in architectural history, theory, and criticism is a good sign for Philippine architecture. Even more encouraging is that they and a few others have taken to sharing their research and insights as writers, given more space in print media and supported by institutions like the NCCA and the UAP. Read more of this post

Architecture Web Links

Archian Design Architect Studio Bacolod City

Arbitatt: Pictures and slideshows of architecturally interesting buildings from around the world, features on current projects (submissions accepted) and biographies of famous architects.

Archibot: Architecture portal. Includes select list of online resources, forum and news headlines from around the net.

Archihub: A forum for architects and designers to share their knowledge and discuss architecture.

Archinform: International architectural database listing thousands of built and unbuilt projects. 20th-century architecture is the main theme.

Archiseek: Architecture forums, planning news, architectural competition announcements, and guides to the architecture of selected countries and cities. Read more of this post

The Advantages of Hiring an Architect

Archian Design Architect Studio Bacolod City

Do you really need to hire an architect ?

Filipino architects wear many hats in many building design and construction projects. They may create the design, make the drafts, select the materials and supervise the entire work process. For other projects, an architect’s role may be limited to drafting the blueprints.

You can go for some cost-saving options but they don’t always work out for everyone. Here are the alternatives and their advantages and disadvantages:

1. Buying a Stock Building Plan
Architects and home designers create stock building plans for mass marketing through magazines, catalogs and websites.

Advantages: It’s easy to find stock plans for houses in a wide variety of sizes, styles and budgets. If you can find stock blueprints similar to what you envision your dream house to be, you can hire an architect to make necessary alterations. This will help save money because changing an existing plan is always less expensive than designing a house from scratch. Read more of this post

History of Philippine Architecture

Archian Design Architect Studio Bacolod City

The first inhabitants of the Philippine Islands arrived between 300 and 200 B.C. They were of Malay-Polynesian descent. The people lived in groups of 30-100 families in societies known as barangay. They were mainly an agricultural and fishing people, others were nomadic. Trade with mainland asia, especially China, was established by these people. In the 14th century, Islam was introduced. Then in 1521, Magellan stumbled upon the islands in his attempt to circumnavigate the world. This was the introduction of the Philippines to the western world. What followed was 300 years of rule by the Spanish and the acceptance of Roman-Catholicism, Read more of this post

Architect and Engineer Links

Archian Design Architect Studio Bacolod City General Sources

AIA – American Institute of Architects
Architectural Record:  The resource for architecture and architects
Archirama – The Architecture Directory Platform
Architecture News – – Your guide to world famous architects and their architecture.
Dissertations Underway on Architectural History
How to Research Architecture Read more of this post