Bahay Kubo: The Quintessential Philippine House

Archian Design Architect Studio Iloilo - Cebu City

Bahay Kubo: The Quintessential Philippine House

The Filipino Bahay Kubo

The Filipino Bahay Kubo

Bahay kubo, kahit munti                      The kubo house, though small
ang halaman doon, ay sari-sari            The greens around, are variety
singkamas at talong. . .                        Jicama and eggplant . . .

The song bahay kubo sums up the simple life and beauty of the country life. For those not acquainted, the bahay kubo is the Filipino word for house. Read more of this post


The Fantasy to build the Pretty but Cheap House in the Philippines

Archian Design Architect Studio Iloilo - Cebu City

The Fantasy of the Pretty & Cheap House in the Philippines

Goethe once said, ‘Be careful what you ask for, because sometimes you may actually get what you ask.”

Bahay Kubo kahit munti - ang halaman doon ay sari sari

The Cheapest and Prettiest House in the World!

Many people living in the Philippines dream of building the prettiest house with the least or no cost. It’s the Filipino’s dream.

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Possibilites for Filipino Architecture

Archian Design Architect Studio Iloilo - Cebu City
Possibilites for Filipino Architecture

There has been such arguments whether Filipino Architecture exists or not. Countless are the skeptics who thoroughly examine the identity of such architectural localization. For most people who don’t realize the features of Philippine Architecture, it can be easily determined by just looking in the country side. What type of house do Filipinos live in? What house resembles Filipinos? Exactly, the ‘bahay-kubo’ or the nipa hut is the main defining house that distinguishes the Philippines.

Intramuros - Filipino Spanish Architecture

Intramuros – Filipino Spanish Architecture

But critics have given such look on this matter because nipa huts are qualities of typical tropical architecture design. Read more of this post