K+12 Pavia International High School

Archian Design Architect Studio Iloilo - Cebu City
Archian Designs Architect Studio Projects

Project: K+12 Pavia International School 
Location: Pavia, Iloilo City
Architect: Arch Ian Jay Bantilan
Status: Design Proposal



With the Philippines as the only country not implementing the K-12 Curriculum for its high schools, many high schools are upgrading their curriculum to match the requirements of Department of Education.

The Department of Education implemented the K-12 System, which will executed in 4 phases starting in s.y. 2011-2012. There are four “phases” are:

Phase 1: Laying the Foundations. Its goal is to finally implement the universal kindergarten.

Phase 2: Modeling and Migration. Its goal is to start of the implementation of the new curriculum for Grades 1 to 4 and 7 to 10.
Phase 3: Complete Migration. Its goal is to implement the Grades 11 & 12 / senior high school.
Phase 4: Completion of the Reform.

While many high schools are converting their open spaces into workshop areas while others are reducing their intake of students to make room for the additional 2 year of high school education.

K+12 Pavia International High School

K+12 Pavia International High School, Iloilo City Facade and Main Building

K+12 Pavia International High School, Iloilo City Facade and Main Building

Pavia International High School was designed with modern facilities anticipating the changes in education. its facilities already designed with K+12 in mind. The client’s vision is to fuse together digital and physical learning. While most students are reliant on wikipedia and research sites to learn, books are still indispensable to learning.

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