Jalandoni Apartments, Jaro, Iloilo City

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Project: Apartment and Dormitory Building
Location: Jaro, Iloilo City
Architect: Arch Ian Jay Bantilan
Status: Architecture Design

The Commission is located on a lot in Jaro District of Iloilo City. The Land itself is ocuppied by an old bungalow house of the relatives of the owner. The site is relatively flat with areas narrowing toward the west end of the lot at a small challenging angle creating a trapezoid.

Most designers would layout a typical retangular grid and which is very applicable but would leave leftover areas from cutting the retangular building core. The Architect’s solution is to layout the grid in parallel to the site boundaries. This solution is not unique but presents an academic application not ussually taught in provincial architectural schools.

Jalandoni Apartments - Tropical Modern Residential Units, Jaro Iloilo

Jalandoni Apartments – Tropical Modern Residential Units, Jaro Iloilo

Since properties in specific areas of Jaro District and Iloilo City is prime land, it is important not only to propose an aesthetic “Architecture” solution to the problem but provide a functional and efficient use of the site. Why most designers will not choose this option? The plan is challenging compared to a square or rectangular plan – the very reason why we have planners to use the space. Planning spaces on paper provides a better solution than revising space planning on the site during the construction.

The building solution is a tropical building with aluminum louver sunshade on the east front part of the building and Firewalls on both north and south ends. Insulation is provided on the rooftop slab with rentals for diners and meeting rooms on the top floor.

If you have any needs for commercial or residential construction we are the right people to bring it to reality.

Arch Ian Jay Bantilan

Archian Designs Architect Studios is a Collaboration of Architects, Urban Planners, Interior Designers, Landscape Designers and Engineers in the Philippines. To see the contact information, email to archiandesigns@yahoo.com, call 0977 827 8415.

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