Common Questions for Owners Starting a Building or Construction

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Archian Design Architect Studio Bacolod City Common Questions for Owners Starting a Building or Construction

1. Question: What is the average cost or rate of a house construction?
As of 2018, the average house construction cost is P22,000-P25,000 per square meter for an average design and P28,000-P35,000 per square meter for a luxurious design, depending on the site location (excluding lighting fixtures, grills, perimeter fence, gate, and landscape). These are based on current construction costs and are meant for projection or reference purposes only. An accurate cost estimate can be determined once the plan and design of the house is completed.

2. Question: What are our Professional Fee?
Yes. Many people ask the wrong question even before the start of the work. I understand their concern. The fees are based on the work to be done.

The work is divided into 2 parts, 1. Design and 2. Construction. We require P20K before starting the design. Progress payments will be paid during different phases of the Design. At the end of design we can accurately asses the detailed Construction Cost.

Before the start of Construction, we require 35% down payment of the Construction cost. The payment cover mobilization until agreed construction targets are achieved. Progress payments are given until the completion of the project.

Construction Drawings

Construction Drawings

3. Question: Can I provide my own architectural plan and design?
Yes, you may provide the plans for construction. If the plans are in conceptual stage, we require Design Drawings payment. If the drawings are satisfactory we may review for missing specifications that may be require to construct the design.

4. Question: Do you accept projects outside Metro Manila?
Yes. Aside from Metro Manila, we accept projects in the following areas as well: Iloilo, Bacolod, Cebu and Davao.

5. Question: How do I get started with my Building / House Construction Drawings?
To start the Design, we need the Land Title and the Requirements of Spaces such as number of rooms, number of levels or floors, type of finishes you like, desired room sizes, design type. We may then meet to complete the design in different stages. It would be helpful if you can provide a sample of how the building exterior or interior would look, or an idea of your preferences.

Archian Designs Architect Studios caters to all aspects of design and construction of 2-Storey, Mid-Rise and High-End Residential projects.

You may already be itching to know the information you need to be one step in buying your Dream Home Property. I hope that you can take some time to see if these Houses are just what you are looking for.

Quatro Patria Residences - Architect Designed Cluster Homes in Bacolod City, Philippines

Quatro Patria Residences in Bacolod City

Quatro Patria Residences is a 4-Unit Designed Residential Development conceived as a modern Cluster-Community in the Heart of Bacolod City in Negros Occidental. These 3-4 Bedroom Units are perfect for OFWs wanting to purchase their dream home. If you are a regular Pagibig Contribution, it may be time to get the loan on the limited units. To see the progress of construction and for more information about QPR visit or call 433 3476 in Bacolod. You can also contact the Designer ADAS Architect in Bacolod.

6. Question: Can I make design alterations in the middle of the construction?
Yes. Alterations, additions, and modifications are allowed before or during construction. It must be properly discussed and approved with us for documentation so as not to interfere with suppliers.

7. Question: Are permits processing included in the Design cost?
Yes, processing of Building Permit is included in the Total Design cost.

Processing of Occupancy Permit is included in the Total Construction Cost, unless the Building or Occupancy permit is specifically not included in the agreement.

8. Question: What are the common problems that occur during the construction?
The most common problems are weather conditions, delay in completion and delivery, and owners of adjoining property. These will all be taken care of by Archian Designs  for you.

Kitchen Design Construction

Kitchen Design Construction

9. Question: Why should I choose Archian Designs?
Customer satisfaction is important to us. We are dedicated to create building and structures that are beautiful and will last. We not only design and build, our team completes all projects as if they were our own, only giving it the best.

10. Can you construct a house even if I am not in the Philippines?
This is common among our OFW and Seaman clients. Yes, detailed plans and specifications can be sent through e-mail or be discussed on Skype or Yahoo Messenger. It would be best if you have a representative here in the Philippines. Ussually a relative who can review the house designs and details with us. Monthly progress reports will be submitted together with pictures so that he can view the development of the project construction progress. In terms of communication and flow of the project, we guarantee a 36-hour response time for inquiries and requests for teleconference/discussion.

For more detailed answers or additional questions, don’t hesitate to ask us. Please click above on contact us to set up an appointment with our Engineers/ Architects.

Modern House Exterior

Modern House Exterior

If you need help in planning for the construction of your dream home in Bacolod? Contact us now to get expert advice.

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